Invincible? Only time

Persians have a saying that “Will is the capability”!
Of course, it’s not; especially when you mistaken will with “wanting”. But in a way, this could turn into an amazing semantic analysis. Imagine this quote be a logical model.

It could be shown as a process of starting with the “will” as an input. Getting through a function and producing “capability” as an output.

Time Machin

Then the function as of any type, could be considered as “TIME” in its origin. The gap between the will and the capability is a journey passed through the time. You as a person with a strong crave or feel for something — call it in the “will” — would spend time in order to get things into practice and become capable of that will.

Invincibility as a metaphoric notion of having whatever you want, or doing whatever you want, is that process of making your wills into your absolute capabilities.

Romantic is the depicted picture above! You will not be able to become capable of everything! Other than the very simple reason of there are other persons who always will put an effort to become more capable of what we are, the time function is limited.
In such a sense, you can beat down anything (theoretically or morphologically via such idea of “will is …”, but the “TIME” itself. Because time is “the” a proiri to this mechanism.

Time is the only invincible thing out there. You won’t be able to compete with it and you can not win over it in any race other than you become the time itself.

What is such a stupid proposition?! In a kind of logic, for becoming some element in a phenomenon, you have to take that out of the lists of variables and make that a constant element. Restating the subject of this essay in this way would become something like this:
If anything around us is being compared by calculating the time element it (like velocity), then for taking time out of being measured you have to become time. You have to move exactly with the time to always stay constantly with it. it means that you have to take it out of the comparing, competing formula of a successful life. The only way possible is to drop these pressures of competing, of getting ahead of time. This is no joke. WE NEVER COULD GET AHEAD OF TIME, BUT WE CAN BECOME IT VIA ELIMINATING IT EFFECTS AND DROPPING THE COMPETITIONS.




A mindless spot of an eternal sociologist!

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Tahamtan boroumand

Tahamtan boroumand

A mindless spot of an eternal sociologist!

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