Your weakness won’t become valuable if they turn into mass products!

There exist two main approaches to solving a problem in the world of MATH!
1. Numerical, 2. Analytical

Long story being shortened, you use the primary when you can not get a mathematical absolute answer to a question via latter! What we familiarly recall of math is the analytical methods in which regardless of numerical values, specific restrictions to the problem, and likes of these, you can extract an answer out of that question. When you can not, you start to do approximations with near the reality assumptions and injecting values to the problem under investigation unless “you” get “satisfied”!

  • SO what?!
  • SO, that when you start referring your answers via validation systems of numbers (namely statistical distributions) and trying to approximate your answers with the probability of large-scale dynamic systems, you are missing a thing in logic! Your take on the question is neither true nor valid! it’s only normal!

In other words, if you consider logic systems, when you can not recursively and in any form of reasoning (e.g causality) backward from the endpoint to the departure point; then your answers are probable and not positive in any manner!

During a deductive methodology of answering a question, you can not put suck words like “probably” into concluding statements in which they carry your logic into the very next step!

But! there is a validation method for such analysis. And it is called Numerical Analysis! A numerical analysis is about validating such solutions by observing how much accuracy those assumptions would produce in accordance with the real phenomena on the ground. That could be checked either with the numeric approximation methods or any kind of statistical tests in which they compared the results to any arbitrary situation (namely distribution functions)!

So if the probable answers (be it a modeling or a calculation) fit our pre-existed conditions of the feasible state, then we take those answers as correct ones!

  • Aha, then if we are satisfied, then what is the problem?
  • The problem is that there is a small knot along the line!

Human beings do not see through reality! More specifically with academic vocabulary, people do not incept the truth, they percept the representation. So a satisfactory result, “could” only be the normal observation of what already exists there, even if it is totally wrong, disruptive, or destructive in a big picture and/or in a long run! People just get used to what they see, and they get addicted to what they are taught. They become “habitant”! It means those who do things as a common habit! Their brains or minds are not what conduct behaviors for them. It’s habitus who is running them on the puppet scene of society.

  • But, what about the GOOD NUMBERS!
  • Well, there are only a few people who understand NUMBERS!

Few people only know numbers, means only few people care about where, how, and why numbers are provided. In the best case, most of us only know how to read them if we are educated enough in the fields that numbers are being produced!

1948, Robert K. Merton wrote an extensive article about a paradox in which human society is ferociously engaged with! He explained what a self-fulfilling prophecy is! “the self-fulfilling prophecy” is, in the beginning, a false definition of the situation evoking a new behavior which makes the originally false conception come true”! Just like any belief system (which by no means incarnates that believes are worthless or doesn’t have their share or bonds to the truth!), it only comes to this point of the prophet figure declaration of her/his prophecy! No more objective evidence is needed. From that departure, then everything could be built up upon a presumption and seems right to the bone!

Let's take an instance! If we are born and raised in a Hanibal tribe, inventing a super modern meat grinder that could take a whole body of a human and gives you a perfect and well-spiced sausage is a revolutionary leap in humanity! But there stands the damn question until you are the next prey! Is it ok to eat a fellow for dinner and humanity still continues its survival?!




A mindless spot of an eternal sociologist!

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Tahamtan boroumand

Tahamtan boroumand

A mindless spot of an eternal sociologist!

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